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Information about Bertram's Cavaliers


We strive to produce quality registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels  for family companions.  We do not show our Cavaliers, although their pedigrees have Champions down the line.  When we fell in love with the breed, we wanted a pet.  We waited a long time to find our first addition to our family.  When other family members fell in love with Katie, they wanted to steal her from us!  They waited almost three years for her babies when we agreed to breed Katie for them.  If you have the desire to own a lifetime companion, don't plan to show or breed, and are willing to invest in the time necessary to work with us please contact us.  


 Katie delivered four beautiful babies on 3/13/11.  Babies will be ready to go home in  May.  We are now taking $300 deposits on puppies.  All puppies will be UKC registered, and will have puppy shots as age appropriate.  They will be examined by our veternarian before going home.  When we took Katie's first litter in, the vet said he had never seen such healthy puppies!  Katie is a great mom!  The puppies will be spoiled with love and affection, as they live in our home as members of our family!


We will fly our puppies,  if you live too far to visit us.  The arrangements are made separately, as the airlines have numerous regulations, and the vet must certify that the puppies are ready and able to fly.


If you would like information on how to send a deposit, please don't hesitate to call 480-236-1453 or email  I look forward to hearing from you.